Web Hosting

Our hosting packages mainly differ from each other in the amount of processing power they have at their disposal. You can customize things like storage space and the number of domains in your package entirely on your own.
This way, you only pay for what you need.
If your website or webshop is your core business, choose extra speed and stability by opting for one of the Power Webhost packages!

Functionaliteiten Host 1 Host 2 Host 3 Power 1 Power 2 Power 3 Linux resel
Alle PHP versies
Keuze in aantal cores
Keuze in RAM geheugen
Keuze in I/O speed
Cloudlinux incl. PHP X-RAY
SSH toegang
Geoptimaliseerd voor wordpress en joomla
Geoptimaliseerd voor (zware) webshops
Litespeed WPcache plugin voor Wordpress
Razendsnelle Litespeed servers
Directadmin controlepaneel
Onbeperkte mailboxen
Onbeperkte databases
Gratis dagelijkse offsite backups
Prioriteit ticketafhandeling
Uitgebreide Webmail (RoundCube)
Afhandeling email met rules
1-click-install scripts met Installatron
Perl en Python scripting
Volledig DNS beheer
Uitgebreide statistieken
Autoresponders en vakantieberichten
Anti Spam en Anti Virus

Free Migration Service

Do you want to move to us but lack the knowledge to perform a migration? Starting from Webhost Two, we'll handle the migration of your website for you!


Using Installatron, you can easily install popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento (and many more) within a minute. Installatron is included for free with every web hosting package.

SSD Storage

We no longer use traditional HDD drives; all our web hosting servers use SSD storage exclusively to ensure the best performance and the fastest web hosting.

Unlimited Databases & Mailboxes

We find limits on the number of databases and mailboxes within a web hosting package strange. You're the boss of your web hosting space, so you decide how many databases and mailboxes you create.

Litespeed Web Server

Our servers don't use the outdated Apache; they use the Litespeed Web Server. This ensures that our web hosting servers and your website work extremely fast and stable.

Free Daily Off-Site Backups

Our servers create daily backups that our customers can access for free, up to 30 days in the past. These backups are stored in a different data center than where our web hosting servers are located. In case of calamities in the data center of our web hosting servers, our backups are always safe.



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  • webhosting.s9check3

Are you only interested in the professional email functionality and are you not planning to host a website? Our cheap Email Only products will fit your needs perfectly!

Web hosting for the very best price-quality ratio.

We offer web hosting for the very best price-quality ratio, and this is not just marketing talk. To demonstrate this, we compare our products one-to-one with those of comparable web hosting providers.
All information in the table below has been obtained through direct communication with the web hosting provider or is publicly accessible.

WebOké Hostnet Versio Yourhosting Cloud86 Antagonist
Cheapest web hosting product: Webhost One Start Basic Basic Start Slim
Price per month with annual billing: €1.95 €7 €5 €10 €3.25 €8.99
Migration service: From Webhost Two (€3.49 p/m) €95.00 More expensive product needed (€10.99 p/m) From €75.00 per hour More expensive product needed (€5.95 p/m) €99
Mailboxes: Unlimited 5 1 5 10 Unlimited
Databases Unlimited 1 Not mentioned 1 5 Unlimited
CPU Cores: 1 Information not shared Information not shared Information not shared Information not shared 1
RAM memory: 1GB Information not shared Information not shared Information not shared Information not shared 1GB
Free backups: Up to 31 days No backups Up to 7 days €50 per recovery, kept for 7 days Up to 7 days Up to 14 days
Storage space: 5GB (expandable at any time) 5GB 2GB 5GB 5GB 50GB
Parent Company: Independent Group.One TWS TWS Independent Group.One

We like to compare our products in an honest way. If something is not right in our comparison, please let us know so that we can adjust it and keep all information up to date.

domeinregistratie tablet

Why choose web hosting at WebOké?

We have over 19 years of experience in domain registration and offerring cheap, professional web hosting. Choose us, like tens of thousands of predecessors, as a reliable partner in realizing your online presence.

  • We have been an independent web hoster for 19 years and will remain independent. With us, you don't have to worry about sudden takeovers or disproportionate price increases.
  • All our web hosting servers are extremely modern. Providing stability and the best possible performance for our customers is important to us. We ensure that our hardware and software are always up to date, so your website remains online seamlessly, giving your visitors the best possible experience.
  • Our support team is always ready for any question or challenge. You can reach us via WhatsApp, email, and our ticket system. Do you have a question or want to get to know our support experts? Send us a message at +31 97010255083!
  • We listen to our customers. Is there something you'd like to be different, a missing feature, or another recommendation? Let us know, and we'll immediately see how we can make it happen.
  • We'll migration your entire website to our web hosting servers without downtime. Our free website migration service makes it possible to move to WebOké without worries; we'll take care of everything for you!

Web hosting including extensive email options.

With all our web hosting packages, it's possible and easy to create and use your own email addresses. This way, you can create email addresses ending in @yourdomainname.xx.

  • We don't impose limits on the maximum number of email addresses you can create. You can create and use as many as you want!
  • Easily install email addresses on multiple devices so you're always reachable. You can set up and use IMAP email addresses in almost any email program.
  • Our mail servers are fast, secure, and stable. The servers actively filter out spam, so you have as little trouble as possible. Additionally, you can use SpamAssassin for free to personalize your spam filters.

Are you only interested in the professional email functionality and are you not planning to host a website? Our cheap Email Only products will fit your needs perfectly!

Managing your Hosting account has never been easier.

Our dashboard, the WebOké control panel, and the DirectAdmin control panel make hosting easy.

website verhuizen

We will take care of the migration to our hostingservers.

Migrating your website to a new web host is always a big step and not always without risks. Mirgrating to WebOké's hosting servers is made easy by our Free Website Migrations Service.

Our experienced team will handle the migration completely for free, without any action required from you. This makes the threshold for moving to our lightning-fast web hosting servers very low!

  • We move the website without downtime, your website remains accessible during the migration.
  • Before, during, and after the migration, we thoroughly test the website to ensure everything functions as it should.
  • We'll plan a moment together for the migration to take place, so you won't be surprised.

What is web hosting?

In short, web hosting is renting a piece of space on the internet where you can place your website, making it accessible to the entire world. Web hosting thus makes it possible to make your domain name functional by displaying a website or using it to create and manage your own email addresses.

You can compare a web hoster to the owner of a storefront. The owner of the property rents out the space to an entrepreneur who wants to open their own store. The property owner ensures that all facilities are present, such as electricity, water, and regular maintenance. The entrepreneur then decides what kind of store they want to place in this space and customizes it to their liking.

This is how we ensure that our servers function well, are secure, and stay up to date, so your website is accessible to the entire world and you can communicate smoothly via your own email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Litespeed Webserver is an alternative to Apache Webserver. Apache Webserver is used by most hosts due to cost considerations. We consider speed and stability of our servers to be crucial, that's why we use Litespeed Webserver. We can describe in words how much faster and better Litespeed is, but the pictures below speak for themselves.

Litespeed benchmark Litespeed snelheidstest Litespeed vergelijking met apache

We have set up our servers to allow popular scripts like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento, etc., to work as fast, stable, and efficiently as possible. Litespeed Webserver and the Litespeed Cache plugin play a significant role in this optimization.

In the hosting world, there are fewer and fewer hosting companies that are not part of a large organization or investment firm. We see that these companies all work the same way. They buy a hosting company, increase prices by absurd percentages, cut back on customer support, and ignore customer feedback. We don't like this way of doing business. We've been an independent hosting company for 18 years and will remain so. We are highly motivated to continue providing the best possible service to our existing customers and to welcome many new customers who are looking for a web host they can trust.

Our hosting packages are distinguished solely by the computing power available to each package. Each hosting package is configurable according to the customer's preferences. Customers can choose how many additional domains, aliases, and storage space they want within that hosting package.

Many people feel 'stuck' with their current hosting provider even if they're not satisfied with the service. Switching hosting providers can be a challenge without technical knowledge; such migration takes a lot of time and the risk of errors is high. To relieve this concern, we handle the migration completely free for our new customers. Our experts ensure that the entire website and all email accounts are transferred without downtime. The website will stay online during the migration.

Our customer base is extremely diverse. Our customers range from (very) large companies to hobbyists, associations, web designers, and families who want their own email account. Our various packages cater to everyone's needs: businesses or individuals, hobbyists or foundations, large budget or small budget.

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