Reseller Hosting at WebOké.nl

For resellers, we offer many different options. We use the best reseller platform: DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin allows you to fully personalize the control panel with your own color theme and logo, making our Reseller hosting package fully whitelabel.

Just like our hosting packages, our Reseller packages are fully customizable. Choose how much storage, users, and domains you need so you only pay for what you need. The package can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.

Power Reseller Hosting

Our regular hosting packages differ from each other in the computational power each package has. The same applies to our two Reseller packages. They both have the same features; however, all user accounts created from the standard Reseller package have the same computational power as the Webhost One package. The user accounts created from the Power Reseller package have the same computational power as the Webhost Three package.
For most websites, the computational power of the Webhost One package is more than sufficient. If you have customers with large webshops or when you have multiple websites running within one user account, the Power Reseller package is a better choice. If multiple websites run within one user account, all websites must share the computational power of that user account, which depending on the type of website might cause instability. More computational power not only results in a faster website but also more stability and better accessibility.

DirectAdmin Power Reseller

  • Whitelabel DirectAdmin control panel
  • LiteSpeed Webserver
  • Choose the amount of Storage Space you need, starting from 7.5GB
  • Unlimited amount of Bandwidth
  • From 5 to 25 users or domains
  • Free daily off-site backups

  • Per user account within the Reseller package:

  • 3 CPU cores
  • 3GB RAM memory
  • 5MB/s I/O speed
  • 3072 I/O processes per second
  • 300 max processes
  • 40 entry processes

  • Starting from
    10,20Per month

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    Why Reseller Hosting at WebOké?

    We are convinced that we offer the most stable Reseller Hosting options with the most helpful support. Why are we so convinced?

      WebOké started offering hosting, domain registration, and reseller hosting in 2004, with the best price/quality ratio. Thanks to our 17 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to deliver the best products with the best service.

      We use DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is not only the best control panel for managing your hosting account at the user level but also offers the most extensive options for resellers. Since we have been working with DirectAdmin for many years, you can turn to us for any question; we are experts.

      We might not be the cheapest, but we offer the best price-quality ratio. We've maintained the same prices for many years and don't increase them arbitrarily. That makes us a reliable partner.

      All our servers are brand new, run on LiteSpeed Webserver, and exclusively use SSD storage. Our servers are incredibly fast, reliable, and stable.

    What is Reseller Hosting?

    With one of our Reseller Hosting packages, you can offer Hosting on our lightning-fast servers to your own customers. You handle customer service for your customers and decide the amounts you charge your customers.
    In principle, your customers never log in to our own website. You can create DirectAdmin accounts for your own customers within your Reseller package so that your customers can log in directly to the DirectAdmin control panel to manage their hosting. You can fully personalize the DirectAdmin control panel with your own logo, color theme, and layouts.

    Who is Reseller Hosting suitable for?

    Reseller Hosting is particularly suitable for online marketing agencies, web designers, website maintainers, and Managed Hosting providers. Not sure if Reseller Hosting is suitable for you? Contact us so that we can advise you.

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    What is Litespeed Webserver?

    Litespeed Webserver is an alternative to Apache Webserver. Apache Webserver is used by most hosts due to cost considerations. We consider speed and stability of our servers to be crucial, that's why we use Litespeed Webserver. We can describe in words how much faster and better Litespeed is, but the pictures below speak for themselves.

    Litespeed benchmark Litespeed snelheidstest Litespeed vergelijking met apache

    What does 'Optimized for...' mean?

    We have set up our servers to allow popular scripts like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento, etc., to work as fast, stable, and efficiently as possible. Litespeed Webserver and the Litespeed Cache plugin play a significant role in this optimization.

    Why does WebOké.nl call itself reliable and independent?

    In the hosting world, there are fewer and fewer hosting companies that are not part of a large organization or investment firm. We see that these companies all work the same way. They buy a hosting company, increase prices by absurd percentages, cut back on customer support, and ignore customer feedback. We don't like this way of doing business. We've been an independent hosting company for 18 years and will remain so. We are highly motivated to continue providing the best possible service to our existing customers and to welcome many new customers who are looking for a web host they can trust.

    What is the difference between the regular Reseller Hosting package and the Power Reseller package?

    In the regular reseller package, every user account created has the same available computational power as the Webhost One package, which is sufficient for most websites. However, in some cases, there might be a need for more computational power, for instance, if heavy scripts are running on the website, multiple different websites are active within one user account, or if the website is a large webshop. For such situations, we have created the Power Reseller package. Each user account within this package has the same features as the Webhost Three package.

    For which customers is Reseller hosting from WebOké.nl suitable?

    Our Reseller Hosting packages are interesting for many different groups. Do you provide hosting to your customers, build or maintain websites, or do you simply have a lot of websites that you want to host in one place? In all cases, Reseller Hosting at WebOké is a good choice.

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