Why should I register my domain name with WebOké?

We have over 18 years of experience in domain registration and web hosting. Choose us as a reliable partner, just like tens of thousands of others, to realize your online presence.

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  • It's possible to fully manage DNS and create domain and email forwarding for every domain without purchasing a hosting package. There are no additional costs for this.
  • With over 18 years of domain name registration experience, we can answer any question for you and provide a suitable solution for every situation.
  • When you register a domain name through WebOké, you are truly the owner of the domain. You can transfer your domain at any time; you're in charge.
  • We offer 1939 domain extensions, so you can always find a domain name that suits you.

Comparing domain name providers

We're convinced that we offer domain registration with the best price-quality ratio. This is not just marketing talk. To demonstrate this, we compare our prices and products directly with other providers where you can register a domain name.
All information in the table below has been obtained through direct communication with the provider or is publicly accessible.

WebOké Hostnet Versio Yourhosting Cloud86 Antagonist
Annual price .NL domain: €9.45 €16 €18.99 €18.99 €10.95 €11.88
Annual price .BE domain: €9.95 €21.50 €24.99 €24.99 €14.95 €15
Annual price .COM domain: €13.95 €22 €24.99 €24.99 €16.95 €17.88
Free DNS management: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free email forwarding: Yes Yes No No No Yes
Free domain forwarding: Yes Yes Yes No, from €12 per year No Yes
Parent Company: Independent Group.one Total Webhosting Solutions Total Webhosting Solutions Independent Group.one

We want to compare our products fairly. If something doesn't match in our comparison, please let us know immediately so we can adjust it and keep all information up-to-date.

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How to choose a new domain name?

Coming up with a new domain name is always challenging, especially since the supply of good and short domain names is getting smaller. However, there are still plenty of good domain names for you or your company. We provide you with some tips for finding your ideal domain name!

  • A domain name is forever tied to your company's identity. So, think carefully about what kind of company you are, what you want to convey, and who you want to address. Refer to the services you provide or the sector your company is in. Are you targeting a location-specific market? Try incorporating the location's name into your domain name.
  • It's best to keep your domain name as short as possible, although this can be challenging. Use short, logical words that are easy to remember and only use numbers or hyphens when absolutely necessary.
  • Consider your website's target audience when searching for your domain name. Are you targeting the Dutch market only, or also the Dutch-speaking Belgian market? Register at least a .NL and .BE version of the domain name. Are you going further afield? Then consider a .EU, .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain name.
  • Try not to resemble other companies and domains too much. Use your own creativity and try to think from the perspective of your future website visitors and customers.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name can be seen as an address for a website. Without a domain name, your website can exist but will not be easily findable by other people, just as a physical store without a physical address cannot be found in the real world.
When you type a domain name in the URL bar (the address of a website), you'll be automatically redirected to the correct location to display the website. Just like when you enter a physical store address in Google Maps, you're directed to the right location.

What can you do with a domain name?

Generally, a domain name is nothing more than an address. To make the address functional, web hosting is often required. However, at WebOké, you can do a lot with your domain name even without web hosting.
You can create domain forwards, manage DNS, and set up email forwarding. If you want to display a full website on the domain name or use the domain name for your own email addresses, you'll need web hosting.

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Register a domain name anonymously

You can hide your personal information and prevent spam by registering your domain name anonymously.

Opt for anonymous domain registration to ensure that your personal details cannot be obtained via the WHOis protocol. The amount of public WHOis data that can be retrieved varies greatly by extension. For example, with .COM, the data is somewhat shielded, but with .BE, it's even possible to retrieve the owner's address and phone number.
If you choose anonymous domain registration, our public details will be used to keep your information private.

Anonymous domain registration is available for .be, .com, .net, .org, .info, .nu, .me, .world, and .de. This costs €5.00 per year.

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